pool services – salt water systems


ABC Swimming Pools offers several brands and sizes of salt water systems to suit all needs both great and small. Salt water systems offer swimming pool owners the ability to dramatically reduce their overall maintenance and chemical requirements.

ABC Swimming Pools staff can install and set-up a salt water system that will help its customers enjoy more free time to do just about anything they want – rather than the pool maintenance that would be required without a salt water system. Salt water sytems are considered a much healthier option for maintaining the pool water chemistry. A salt water system will produce the exact required chemicals to maintain a perfect daily pool water balance.

ABC Swimming Pools will ensure that the installation of one of their salt water systems will not only leave your swimming pool water sparkling crystal clear but by eliminating a large percentage of the normal required pool maintenance and chemicals – ABC Swimming Pools will leave a big smile on its customers faces.

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Swimming pools are investments you make not only in your property value but also for your comfort. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a dip in the middle of summer or inviting friends and family for a pool party. However, if not maintained regularly, your pool may cause more stress than you realize.

Look Out For These Warning Signs:

  • The pool liner is damaged.
  • Cracks appearing in concrete pools.
  • Filter constantly needs to be changed.
  • The pool pump motor malfunctions.
  • You refill the water more than once a week.

If you see any one of these signs of damage, it is important that you call our highly-trained professionals for immediate pool repairs. We work quickly and efficiently to address the issue to prevent further, costlier damage.